Opera Mobile: Windows Mobile Freeware

Opera Mobile is now optimized for better web experience on Windows Mobile. Opera for Windows Mobile is a freeware and opera offers us free and easy to download web browsers for Computers. Opera Mobile 9.7 beta 1 now supports mobile widgets and it meets user needs through a PC-like web experience and including full access to web2.0, Opera Zoom, tabs, lightining fast pageloads. Opera runs on Windows Mobile 2003,5 and 6.

According to Opera's Website these are the following upgrades we must see:
1. Faster --> Opera Mobile 9.5 beta can load web pages 2.5 times faster than Internet Explorer Mobile.
2. Pan & Zoom --> Opera Mobile 9.5 allows us to Pan and Zoom into our desired content in a few clicks.
3. Improved User Interface --> Opera has now changed its user interface and the new UI is designed for quick and easy navigation.
4. Opera Dragonfly --> It is a developer toolkit on the Window Mobile phone.
5. Save pages and Images --> With a click you can save pages or images and you can view saved content when you are offline.
6. Rich Web Content --> Now you can browse with full richness of AJAX.
7. Type less and browse more --> Save time with address auto-complete, Password Manager and pop-up handler.
8. History and Bookmarks --> select the pst browsed sessions and bookmark them for next time.
9. Upload Content --> You can upload content to your websites, blogs and online mail services.

Download Opera Mobile 9.5 for Windows Mobile

Download Opera Mobile 9.7 & 10 for Windows Mobile