Far Manager - File and Archive Manager

Far Manager has a keyboard oriented user interface. Far Manager is a program which allows us to manage files and archives in Windows(98, 2000, xp). Far Manager which works in the text mode and allows us to view files, edit, copy, rename and include drag and drop and many other actions with simple interface.

With this Far Manager, file system navigation can be made easier bcoz Far Manager has multi-language and easily configurable interface. The functions of Far Manager are extended by internal DLL modules(plugins) and all implimented as plugins include in the standard distribution of Far.

Far standard functionality can be extended with plugins and standard plugins are default for Far Manager which includes FTP client, Windows network, extensible archive file support and temporary panel(sandbox) virtual file system, print manager, filename case converter and several editor plugins to format, wrap and you can even alter text.

Far Manager
's default interface combines two file panels with command prompt. We can customize panels as we wish to show which colunms should be shown in which order and these operations may be done to and from either panel. The file panels supports wildcard selection, advanced filtering, highlighting and sorting. These two panels are both active at the same time and almost features can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts.

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