Copilot Live 8 for iPhone~ ALK Technologies

Copilot Live 8 is a GPS application and has been arrived for iPhone. Copilot live 8 is provided by ALK technologies and ALK has already provided a GPS application for PDA and Windows Mobile Smartphones. Copilot live 8 is not only arrived for iPhone and for Google Nexus One and Dell inspiron notebook 1110 too.

Copilot Live 8 for iPhone has a great looking interface and its imprssive. When we start up the application, it takes less than six seconds and greets us with a "wellcome to Copilot live" message and it displays a clear menu box which allows us to immidiatly navigate to an address. Copilot Live 8 can store map data on the memory card of our phone, which makes navigation a little more reliable for times when our phone lacks signal.

Why Copilot Live 8 for Google Nexus One(android phone)? it already has a Google maps navigation built in. There are many reasons, only US have the Google maps Navigation and with the Nexus one being launched in Europe sometime soon. This Copilot live 8 offering at the moment for Android users.