Power Manager Top1 Android Application

Power Manager is an Android Application which adds new power settings to the phone which shows timeout during a call. You can quickly view and change other settings in the phone when battery is running low and Power Manager(Android Application) allows you this and using this Android application feature in many ways you can save the battery life of your Android phone.

Power Manager Android Application
comes with pre-cofigured profiles and even you can customize your own and Profiles are powersettings based on usage of phone or events. If you are travelling to a long distance and want to save the battery juice of your Android Phone, you can select one of the profile options, which turns off all your connectivity applications like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS etc and it dims your screen's backlight.

Power mangaer Android Application has various automated options, with that you can drop your Android Phone battery level to 30%. Power Manager Android Application also displays the stats regarding the health of your power unit as well as gives data of battery health, Voltage and operating temerature.

This Power Manager Android Application is the best one and it is a paid Android Application. If you want to try this application you can.

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Susi Cox said...

power manager is really helpful and wonderful app, I like it.

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