Fishbowl Ultimate Facebook Desktop Client for Windows 7

Fishbowl is an Ultimate Facebook desktop Client for Windows 7. With Windows 7 features ingration Fishbowl brings Facebook to desktop, including taskbar notifications, jump-lists and taskbar previews. This Fishbowl Client application was built by Microsoft's own people.

Fishbowl is a WPF desktop application which uses the Facebook stream APIs to allow access to Facebook in a clean UI. We can install this Fishbowl application and we can enjoy as a user and we can even write WPF applications that use Windows 7. We can simply drag and drop photos of ours into Fishbowl to have published to Facebook.

Fishbowl which is an WPF application can run on multiple Windows versions like Windows xp, Vista and Windows 7 and integrates with windows 7 Taskbar and Multitouch. The main thing behind the Taskbar is , it provides us (users) with quick access to our content and it helps us accomplish tasks and navigate between Windows easier.
Download Fishbowl Facebook Desktop Client Windows 7