My Phone Explorer for Sony Ericsson

Phone Explorer is a free program from which we can easily manage our Sony Ericsson mobile phone. With Phone Explorer we can easily import and export our contacts and SMS from Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone to PC. MyPhoneExplorer 1.7.5 offers us a multiple faster transfer of information, which has an adress book, Organizer, file browser comfortable backup assistant, displays information about the made and the current status of the Phone and more.

MyPhoneExplorer is the most popular freeware tool is compatible for all Sony Ericsson Phones except Xperia, P800!, P900! and P910!. MyPhoneExplorer 1.7.5 has updated with new features like:

* Adress book ~ We can synchronize, edit, create and delete contacts from our phone memory or Sim card.
* Organizer ~ We can Sync our calender between our Phone and MyPhoneExplorer and we can set fastest sync with Microsoft outlook or Google Calender.
* SMS ~ We can view our phone Inbox, drafts, sent items and have an archive of our SMS messages from our phone. We can use our PC keyboard to type messages and save them and even we can send them to the phone via Computer.
* File Manager ~ we can easily browse and copy files from the phone memory or from the external memory(memory card) and we can also create folders as we like.

MyPhoneExplorer works on any operating systems and this is a rich application and it can create backups of the phone and my phone is Sony Ericsson w880! and i am using this Phone Explorer.We can connect our phone via data cable, bluetooth, infrared and manage seamlessly.