Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 2 Released

Ubuntu 9.10 will be the eleventh release of the Ubuntu operating systems. This is the first alpha release for Ubuntu 9.10. The development team prepared a live CD for this second version of Ubuntu 9.10, which means everyone will be able to download and test it. Most prominently, Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 1 features the Linux 2.6.30 kernel and GCC 4.4. There are also other updated packages from Debian like GNOME 2.27, but most notable are the kernel and compiler updates. They have tested out Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 1 and compared its performance to Ubuntu 9.04. While this is very early within the Ubuntu 9.10 development cycle, the results already may come as a surprise. Ubuntu 9.10 offers a new, more presentable boot screen and a standard default desktop theme in very dark brown.

For servers, Ubuntu 9.10 has versions that are designed to run on the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) or on Amazon's EC2 cloud. UEC is based on Eucalyptus, an API compatible, open source implementation, of Amazon's EC2 cloud system.

As usual the various desktop/laptop, server edition and netbook remix versions are available to download from and for those that prefer the KDE desktop there is Kubuntu 9.10.

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