Google Trends: Web Analytics, Website comparition tool

Google trends Tool is provided by Google and this is providing us some tools which shows us the popular news related search term and shows how new updated events affect the search popularity. Google Trends tool can help us compare the frequency of search for upto five keywords at once and we can check which keyword has got the high search popularity. Google Trends tool is a web analytics and website comparision tool.

Google Trends tool will allow us to enter a keyword or keyword phrase which we are interested in researching, searching and this Google Trends tool will displays the information on how often that particular subject was searched in the past and not only this we can check that information upto date too.

Google Website Trends tool is a great tool for website analysis. In this section Google Trends tool allow us to enter a website adress, and this program will display you the information on which search term this website got the popularity( search volume index).

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