Opera 10.50 Fastest Browser for Windows Computers

Opera Software released Opera 10.50, this will be the fastest Browser produced for Windows Computers. Opera 10.50 with a sleek and new design and it even includes as private browsing. Opera will hide all traces of sites or blogs we visit. This Opera 10.50 is now available free from

Using Opera 10.50, private browsing we can remove specific sites or blogs from our browser history and we can never been traced. Opera 10.50 allows us to browse privatly in a tab or in an entire separate Window.Opera 10.50 is the fastest browser they have ever produced, they had now introduced a new javascript engine, Carakan and a new graphics library, Vega.

Opera 10.50 Platform integration - On Windows 7 and Vista, they let Opera enjoy Aero Glass, supported Aero Peek and Jump lists, so that we can now easily access our speed Dials, tabs and more from the Taskbar.

Opera 10.50 is Available from completely free or we can download it via Microsoft Browser Choice screen. This Opera 10.50 is currently available for Windows and comes in 42 different languages.
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