Domain Name : Importance in SEO while Targeting Keywords

Domain Name and Keywords are very important while promoting business through Search Engine Marketing. As the search engines are the best sources to get the customers through internet, we must target the search engines by proper Search Engine Optmization(SEO).

What is a Domain Name and What is a keyword?

Any website on internet will be identified using a unique domain name to get connected using a web browser. That is an internet user must type the domain name in the address bar of a web browser to view the content of that website. For example to get the services of google available, the doamin name of google i.e, is to be typed in the address bar of web browser.

A keyword is a term used in search engines to perform a search about a topic through the web pages available on internet. Every page will be ranked by search engine taking several factors into consideration that are related to that keyword.

Why Domain Name is Important in SEO?

Any search engine in order to rank the results for a search term as i said above will consider several factors. Domain Name is one of those factors considered and very important too. Search engines give very much importance for a website whose domain name is similar to the keyword used as search term. Before selecting the name for a doamin we must analyze to find the best performing keywords that are related to the business that is to be promoted. And if you select a domain name that matches the best performing term among those keywords, it improves the importance of your site in search engine ranking factors. For example if your business is selling 'Hybrid seeds' online and search volome for Hybrid seeds Business is huge with the keyword 'best hybrid seeds', it is highly advisable to book your domain with a domain name ''. If a domain with .com is not available try with other extensions like .org, .net, .info and others.

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