Chomp SMS Android Communication Application

Chomp SMS is a Android Communication Application which lets you handle text messages and this is similar to how core Android text messaging function works. Chomp SMS Android Application(Communication) got a best user interface and gives many other features like Chat stlye SMS, Touchscreen Keyboard etc.

Chomp SMS Android Communication Application is the best and its alternative application for the Android SMS messaging app. The best feature is you have the option to use it slide open the QWERTY keyboard and the coolest feature in this application is this Android application has Iphone like on-screen virtual keyboard which makes this application very useful and also Chomp SMS service makes it advantageous for people getting taxed high text plans.With this application you can prevent and easily tapp wrong letters like Iphone on-screen keyboard does to prevent mistyped words.But we cannot send MMS pictures and Messages from Chomp SMS. MMS can be sent through your default messaging application.

This Chomp SMS Android Cummunication Application is free and you can send SMS normally and if you want to send Sms to overseas there is the option if you pay high SMS rates.

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Googles Nexus One:Android 2.1
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if i have install this application, what should i do to the built-in messaging system ?

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