Smart Virus Remover 1.44 and 2.0~ Remove upto 50 viruses

This Smart Virus Remover 1.44 is a small program which can remove 39 different viruses with its unique feature and this Smart Virus Remover can restore our system to the condition which was before when the Virus was attacked our system. Today there is a new version of Smart Virus Remover 2.0 and it now available for download.

This Smart Virus Remover 2.0 can detect and remove upto 50 viruses. It can removes viruses like: newfolder.exe, smss.exe, ravmon.exe etc. This Smart Virus Remover enables the Task Manager, Registry Editor, Command prompt and folde options. Folder Options can show hidden files and folders problem, reg and vbs file opening problem, no search option problem resolved, No Run problem resolved, delete autorun.inf files, Removes virus from usb or folder, we can disable and enable USB driver on a single click, disables running of Autorun.inf and it can also write protect a USB pen drive on a sinle click.