Pixelmator v1.5.1 ~ MacOSX Image Editing Software ~ MacOSX

Pixelmatorv1.5.1 ~ Pixelmator is a Mac OS X image editing software. This Pixelmator has built with beautiful design, fast, easy-to-use and a powerful image editor and has everything we need to create, enhance and edit our images. Pixelmetor supports with full power of Mac OS X. Pixelmator is well known Photoshop replacement for Mac OS X.

Pixelmator’s powerful, pixel-accurate collection of selection tools we can quickly and easily select any part of our images.Which means we can edit and can apply effects specially to the portions of our pictures and we can even remove unwanted objects from our pictures. With Pixelmator we can even cut the objects from one picture and put that object on another picture.

Pixelmator is exclusively built for Mac OS X which we can see.The Photo Browser palette in Pixelmator offers quick access to your iPhoto Library, events, albums, Smart Albums and pictures in your Pictures folder. Best of all, just drag-and-drop any of those images as layers to your Pixelmator composition.This was my best Image editor i used and shared my pictures with my friends and family.

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