Apple Tablet Launching This March 2010

Apple Tablet which is an Apple product has 7 or 10 inch screen may coming to us in march 2010. There are a lot of rumors about Apple Tablet. The operating system is based on the Iphone OS, which is derivative of the Mac os x standard. This Apple Tablet price somewhere between $500 to $1000.

App store will be taking a big part of Apple Tablet, and this device will be useful for gaming particularly. Apple Tablet although 10 inches is likely as we know. We donot know of the final screen size or the Core CPU. A tablet version of the 13-inch Macbook already there but it cost more than we think.

While the recent rumors of Apple Tablet which dosen't have a full PC-style Operating System and the size of this device same as notebook PC, which can be cost about $300, offer the same as windows XP, Windows 7 as a full size Laptops and these can install and run virtual software like 3D games and video editing suites,And even with single-core Intel Atom CPUs, a 10-inch Netbook can run multiple apps at once--something currently not allowed (with a few exceptions) on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

what you think, a 10" device without the added flexibility feel underpowered and an OS X powered Apple Tablet is the right way for Apple.