LimeWire 5.4.6 P2P Filesharing inegrated with Facebook

LimeWire is peer to peer(P2P) filesharing application and LimeWire Basic 5.4.6 is the latest release. This software is developed by Lime Wire LLC and BitTorrent supported by libtorrent. This LimeWire 5.4.6 which is a P2P client supported by Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and many operating systems which are supported by Java Software patforms.

LimeWire 5.4.6 comes with best features which let us easily share files with our Facebook friends who are using LimeWire. Not only Facebook, they are working to build this feature for other social networkings as well. But for some reasons this feature was disabled in Facebook and you can still share directly with Google Talk, Live Journal and Jabbar friends.

The Latest Features in LimeWire 5.4.6 as follows:
1. BitTorrent Visualization ==> with this tool we can see peer info when we are downloading torrents.
2. Video Player ==> after Downloading the video we can watch that video through this built-in video player.
3. Improved Network Connectivity ==> LimeWire 5.4.6 provides us improved connectivity to the P2P network.
LimeWire 5.4.6 has updated interface for smoother navigation, inegrated with Facebook, faster BitTorrent downloads with improved performance. Now this LimeWire 5.4.6 is compatible with Windows 7.

This is all about LimeWire 5.4.6 and if you want to Download this you have some options you decide like:

LimeWire 5.4.6 Basic - Pro - Extended Pro downloads.