Flash Player 7 and 10.1 for Mobile, Smartphone Devices

Flash Player for Mobiles enables us to play Flash movies, Games in all our Windows Mobile, Pcket PC devices. We can download the free Flash Player 7 for Pocket PC today to start experiencing rich Flash content, application and Mobile services right from our pocket.

Flash Player for Mobiles enables us to play Flash Movies and Games in our Pocket PC devices in full screen mode and in landscape mode too, and it is supported WM2003. As well as VGA and Square screen Aware. Windows Mobile 5 and 6 are compatible and we can zoom upto 100% to 150%.

No standalone player functionality provided with this Flash Player 7 installtion and we can be able to use Pocket IE to view Flash content embedded in webpages. My friend asked me about Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile devices and Smartphones. A new version of Flash which supports and delivers full Flash Player experience to Mobile devices, Smartphones, Pocket Pcs, Notebooks, and Desktop Computers. Flash Player 10.1 includes multiple screen orientations and supports Hardware graphics acceleration for H.264 video on chipsets including Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and NVIDIA GeForce, ION, and Tegra, and support for multi-touch gestures and accelerometers where present.

Flash Player 10.1 for Mobiles has been implimented and built-in will likely be available for mass market puchase in the first half of 2010. Flash Player 10.1 for Google Android and Symbian are palning to release in early 2010. To run Flash, system requirement for mobile devices require at least a 500-MHz ARM11 processor, with minimum of Windows Mobile OS version 6.5, or Android OS version 2.0.