160by2: Send Free SMS in India, Free Download

160by2 is a Mobile Application which allows us to Send Free SMS throught India. 160by2 is a J2ME Mobile application and it is downloadable and our mobile should be 1. A J2ME(Java) MIDP2 Device and 2. A GPRS connection Activated, so that we can access via GPRS feature of 160by2 to Send Free SMS to our friends and family.

If your Mobile phone is compatible, you can simply Browse to 160by2 Send free Sms Mobile Application in your phone's web browser to download this 160by2 Mobile Application. You can log in to 160by2 account using your phone's browser if, your Mobile dosen't meet the requirements for this 160by2 mobile application.

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jasmine said...

This seems to be great site for sms software with the help of this we can send SMS directly from PC without the use of mobile phones.i would surely like to try their service.i had been relying on