Google Adsense Plugin for wordpress | Free Download

Google adsense plugin for wordpress allows you to insert Adsense ads on your Blog, without modifying blog template. Wordpress allows bloggers to easily integrate Google Adsense inside using this plugin. Proper custom integration with Wordpress can help you to increase Adsense earnings because, Google Adsense is the most popular online advertising program.

Some of the features of this plugin include: From Google Adsense Plugin you can choose any number of ad styles and format on a post-by-post basis.You can Globally change ad style, Selectively disable display of individual ad styles or all ads and the best feature is you can see what ads will apear on a given page with a Integrated Adsense Preview tool(Sandbox). But you can show only 3 ad formats, in a page.

My tip you may like: Place Adsense ads in 3 different ad format and ad channels. So that you can earn some good income. Don't insert a bunch of channels.

 Installation of Google Adsense Plugin for Word press:

1. Unzip the downloaded package and upload the Adsense Manager folder into your Wordpress plugins folder
2. Log into your WordPress admin panel
3. Go to Plugins and “Activate” the plugin
4. Previous installations will be updated and a notice displayed. If you have not used AdSense Manager before but have used AdSense Deluxe, you will be offered the change to import those ads.
5. “Adsense Manager” will now be displayed in your Options section and “Ad Units” appears under Manage.
6. Import, create and modifty your Ad blocks under Manage » Ad Units
7. Complete usage instructions are available here.

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