Airfoil 3.5: Audio output for Mac, Linux, Windows

Airfoil is a device from that you can send Audio to Airport express units, Apple TVs, Mac and PCs,Ipods, Iphone all in Sync. Using this Airfoil you can also send to other computers around our house too. We can transmit audio from Real player, Windows Media Player, Quick Time Player and other Media players. Airfoil speakers make any Mac show up in Airfoil as Audio output and even Linux machines can recieve audio. Airfoil speakers for Windows works like Mac speaker works. From PC you can send Audio to your Iphone and Ipod touch. With Airfoil version 3.5 you are able to send Audio to Apple TV and at last you can send audio to multiple outputs around your house. You can send Audio from web-based applications like Padora,, and other to Airport Express and you can stream audio from audio devices like Sirus radios, Radioshark etc.

Airfoil Video Player even supports basic DVD playback and get local video. Perian provides support different video formats to play.

Airfoil Download:

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