Nokia Navigation on Smartphones Updated

Nokia updates its Mobile Navigation service to the future level. Nokia is giving us its Navigation service to all GPS-enabled Nokia Phones for free. Nokia users can download this navigation service and you can get Ovi Maps and Navigation. Not only this you can get various city guides on your phones too. Nokia was offering this Navigation service since 2007.

Nokia offering Navigation services for free and in the other hand this service will be available for 10 of the Nokia Mobile Phones, wich include Nokia 97 mini, Nokia 5800 which is a music express and Nokia E72. Lastly, the software client will be available for all Nokia GPS-enabled Phones, which i have already told. This service may launch on March of this year 2010.

Nokia Ovi Maps service offers Navigation in 74 different countries in 46 languages and it can provide traffic information in more than 10 countries, and detailed Maps for more than 180 countries. The Technology Nokia is using to serve its maps is 10 times network efficient than Google's method and this method is called a hybrid vectorizing mapping method. With this method we can zoom in and out of the map without downloading the same map many times.

Download Ovi Maps with free navigation
Compatible devices: Nokia X6, Nokia N97 mini, E72, E55, E52, Nokia 6730 classic, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic, Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, Nokia 5230.
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