Create iPhone Themes ~ iPhone Theme Maker

Create iPhone themes with iPhone theme Maker. With iPhone theme creator we can easily customize wallpapers, doc, and status bar of our Apple iPhone. Even we can upload our own images or we can choose high resolution images from the gallaries to create themes for iPhone. We can even add icons of the sizes of iPhone and create theme.

Once when we are satisfied with the created theme, we can give a name for that theme and click Compile Theme button, after that we can view the iPhone theme and download it. This iPhone Theme creator which has an easy to use interface will hardly take a few minutes to create a theme for iPhone.

How to install Themes on Apple iPhone:

iPhone Themes can be manually installed using Summerboard, this is an iPhone extension which adds useful features to our iPhone, which includes scrolling icons, wallpapers, and iPhone Themes. By installing AppTapp into our iPhone, we can install the SummerBoard package for free. We can download Pxl installer file for our iPhone Theme and we can install packages using application like iBricker for Windows and Breezy for MAC.