Mass Effects 2 for Xbox 360 and Windows

Mass Effects 2 is an action, science fiction role-playing game which has been developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts. Mass Effects 2 is a sequel to Mass Effect trilogy and this is for Xbox 360 and PC. Mass Effects 2 was released in North America on this January 26, 2010 and this will be released in Australia on Jan 28, 2010 and Europe on Jan 29, 2010.

This Mass Effects 2 coming with ultimate features and it is even bigger with unique collectibles and bonus in-game content. You may want to know what is updated in this Mass effects 2, take a look:

* This is a full version of Mass Effects 2
* Bonus in-game content(Collector's Edition weapon & Game)
* Hardcover art book with 48-pages
* Limited Edition Cerberus Network card granting access to bonus content
* Issue #1 of the Mass Effect comic book by Dark Horse comics.
* All housed in a premium tin package with exclusive artwork.

What is the Mass Effects 2 game some information:

1. To save Humanity, prepare for a suicide mission.
2. We can choose between 19 different weapons.
3. Powerfull weapons which can end the battle within seconds.
4. Set a team of the galaxy's most dangerous Operatives.
5. Explore the Galaxy to scan planets to uncover unique secret missions.
6. Control your conversation with physical moments of intense action.

Bioware who developed this Mass Effects 2 listened to the people to every last dit of criticism leveled at Mass Effects 1 game which suffered from a few technical and presentational issues and that game was for Xbox 360 perticularly. This sequel is more advanced with cleaner experience. This Mass Effects 2 was replaced with loading screens, Generic cut-and-paste side quests and empty planets to explore have been totally ripped out.

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