What is X3 Player - X3 Codec Download - X3 Player

What is X3 Player - This Player is same as DomPlayer, which instructs us to download to watch AVI files. This X3 player and X3 Codec also instructs us to Download that Player. After downloading these Players it shows us a 5 second ASF video which is disguised as an MP3 file instructing us(users) to install this DOmPlayer or X3 Player or X3 Codec.

Why we should use X3 Player or X3 codec to watch Movie ? When we download a mobiew and wanted it to play that movie or a video, then it will show us a logo, to download X3 Player to watch this encoded Movie. These X3 Player does not exist anymore now. But the X3 Player was popular for many years. Froe example : if we download a movie from a pirated or a piracy site, then it will ask us to download and install X3 Player or Use X3 Codec to watch that Movie.

What Happens when we install this X3 Player in our PC(personal Computer)?
- This X3 Players X3 Codec or Divo Codec has been identified as a trojan horse and they are similar to 3W Player. Instead of Actual Codecs Divo Codec and X3 Codecs installs malware on the Users Personal Computer(PC). This Divo Codec is a polymorphic and it can change its structure and in other words it is also been known to write to another process virtual memory and it other words process Hijacking.

Problems I Faced when i Downloaded and installed X3 Player and X3 Codec in my PC
I downloaded a Movie from a Piracy site and i started it to play. It instructed me to download X3 Player or Install X3 Codec to view this Movie. Because my media player does not supprt AVI files. So, then i downloaded X3 Player and i even downloaded X3 Codec too. Even though it was telling me to download another Codec. But i switched of my Computer and started it after 5 hours to watch that movie. Then i saw my anti-virus alerted me of a trojan horse in my PC. I was shocked and i saw many of trojan horses. But after that i went to Remove them from my PC. My Anti-virus removed some of them and i felt that this will damage my Operating System, so i done OS to my PC and i never downloaded this type of X3 Player, X3 Codec or Divo Codec again and i suggest you not search for this types of Codec, because these types of X3 Player or X3 Codec does not exist and they can harm your Computer. There are so many other unique Media players, which can play AVI files as well.There are many other Players which are Unique and open source (free), which can play AVI files.