Parallels 6 Desktop Mac Released with 80 new Features and VMWare dropped Price to $10

With the release of Parallels 6 Desktop for Mac, the Mac Virtual Machine Market today heats up. This Parallels, which is the biggest Virtual Machine Maker for the Mac Platform added 80 new features. As we all know, running Windows applications on our Mac, this Parallels Desktop for Mac is only the world's bestselling, and most trusted solution. With Parallels 6 Desktop for Mac, we can seamlessly run both Windows and Mac OS X applications in the same time in a faster way, controled and confident.

After the release of this Parallels 6 Desktop for Mac, as a compatitor VMWare has dropped their price to $10. This Parallels 6 comes with 80 new features, some of them you already know and now you can check the most impressive and awesome new features from this new release.

Seamless Simplicity

We can run Windows Programs like they were native to our Mac. It is simple and quick, setting up Parallels 6 Desktop for Mac. Now enjoy the best of Both Worlds as Windows and Mac OS X on one seamless Desktop.

Simple and Quick to Get Started

Just a few quick steps and we can start our Windows applications running in a lightning speed and setting up Parallels Desktop for Mac is simple and quick.

Instant Access

With SmartX Technologies, we can get access to our files, data,and folders across Mac OS X and Windows.

Seamless Integration

As we all know, we can run both Mac OS X and Windows at the same time and side-by-side, to enjoy the best of the both Worlds - Windows and Mac OS X on one seamless Parallel 6 Desktop. Run Multiple Operating Systems and Programs simultaniously.

Intuitive Innovation - We can easily drag and drop Docs, music, pictures between Windows and Mac Apps. Either we can launch our Favorite Windows Program right from our Mac Dock.

What the users are saying about this new Upgraded Parallels 6 Desktop for Mac:

"parallels to 6. Fantastic! Smooth upgrade, fast start-up time and Coherence is now blazing fast. Great job team!".

"Parallels 6 is booting Windoz like 3x faster than before!".

"Parallels 6 feels much faster than 5 on my boot camp VM".

"ParallelsMac gotta say parallels is gr8 as a vm, windows xp has never worked so fast, even got mac webcam workin on xp live messenger"

"Loving new Parallels 6, so fast"