With "Mini Info" Android System Monitor View Battery, Memory, CPU, RAM etc

With "Mini Info" System Monitor for easily and quickly Monitor your Android Device's Battery, CPU, RAM, SD Memory and Local Memory with a simple 2x1 Widget. Many Android Users Faced Problems with most system monitors.

Where Mini Info shows you what is important and and also allows you to customize, what you want to see everything in one 2x1 Widget. When you got a huge Memory Card, and want to check the space, or you can set Mini Info to only display the Battery Monitor or even you want to keep on eye on everything? then this Mini info which is also called an all-in-one Monitor, can display your Battery, SD Memory, Local Memory in the 2x1 small and awesome widget.You can see the screen shot for idea ow this Widget works.

With Mini Info You can also access an enhanced view by clicking on the widget, which will let you see the information for CPU and RAM, Network, Brightness and even Volume too and everything which we require from this widget view.

As this "Mini Info" Android System Monitor is now available for free for all Android Users, included me(i am an Android User too).

For this Mini info System Monitor, we are going to search in the Android Market Place or even we can scan the QR code below