The New Xbox One Announced, Recreated Console And Game Controller Unveiled

Microsoft has officially introduced its next-generation Xbox console, obviously not the Xbox 720, Infinity or fusion, but announced as Xbox One. Microsoft's big Xbox Reveal event is finally here, and Don Mattrick took the stage to announce Redmond company's next-gen console: the Xbox One.

After months of speculations, Microsoft has finally revealed its redesigned consoles and game controller along with the Xbox One announcement. Laden in a glossy, black finish, Microsoft has really placed its design game with this one, and with a real focus on software innovation and interactive applications.
Microsoft called its new system as an "all in one system" for games, entertainment, and television and the general user experience with the Xbox One looks enthralling at first glance.

Microsoft's Xbox One will also support Ultra HD 4K gaming and certainly the new console is described as an amalgam of the traditional gaming portal and the modern set-top box. After a numerous rumors surrounding what the console would actually be called, it was fair to see such monikers as "Xbox 720" and "Xbox Infinity, Xbox 8, Fusion and Loop" never bore fruit.

Microsoft's accent on molding the entire entertainment experience into a singular entity is big, and lies the rationale behind the name. Recreated, and the company wants the Xbox One to replace your DVD / Blu-ray player, your preexisting console, your set-top box and any gadget that to do so.

Voice Recognition software in Windows OS is also integrated on the new Xbox One, that allows you to control almost every aspect of the Xbox console. One of which can flit between your apps and live TV stream, thanks to the new Instant Switching, and with an even deeper emphasis on Kinect than ever before, the appeal of the Xbox One cannot be amplified.

The system includes 8GB of RAM, an 8-Core CPU, a 500GB hard drive, a Blue-ray drive, HDMI in and out ports, USB 3.0, 802.11n wireless, and on. Xbox One also includes a new version of the Kinect sensor and the console will not every time require an internet connection.

Different apps/elements can run side-by-side, allowing users to, say, browse the Web on IE while watching a downloaded video, and in my thought, Microsoft has really presented the gaming and entertainment world with something to consider. SmartTV technology?
Finally, console and Kinect hardware gets a complete new look, like the game controller with redesigned d-pad. It also ends the need for the system’s long-running codename, Durango.